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WTF’s SUP with this Arrogant Shiet? :)

Well it probably is and isn’t what you think.

I have spent the vast majority of my life beating the shit outta myself for little mistakes and believing I was essentially worthless as person and therefore had little if any value to anyone. That is a Fucking Suckass place to be,   (Mistakes are fantastic teachers, more later.)

I’ve lived 180° away from Arrogance.  Shrinks might say I had an Inferiority Complex.  I would say they be some correct mofos.

So at present, I AM USING the concept of Arrogance to drag my inferior thinking ignorant ass outta that BS complex I grew up with and into.   NOW, the plan is NOT a 180° swing.  Rather the plan is a 80° to 100° Paradigm Shift.

In the common sense of the word I will never actually be arrogant.


I will BE confident, I will be assertive, I will BE ME.
If anyone has a problem with this, the problem is theirs, in fact they are their problem.  Bite ME!  🙂