?Just Who The F&%# is Lord Arrogant?


He’s a Semi-Old dude with a strange sense of humor.
He IS Me. And he AIN’T PC

The short Story:
1st, a research project.
•     Lookup Stone Brewing, San Diego – CA
Pay special attention to their Launch beer.










OK Sweet, ya made it back.
So ya noticed Arrogant Bastard Ale, Aye?   (Imagine a Brit, Kiwi, Aussie maybe Jersey kinda accent going here.)
I not only love the ale, the name, the story printed on every bottle, but I really Love the fact that Arrogant Bastard was Stone’s Launch Brew.    That is my kinda Arrogance – Havin the balls or titties or whatever to just stand the Hell up and say “this is the shit!” ‘Name your 1st brew Arrogant Bastard and go ‘oh you’re not that sophisticated, I’m sorry, good luck with that.’  AND be cool, creative, innovative, helpful, conscious, intellectually aware, grateful, kind, caring, emotionally aware and spiritually aware at the same time’.      And of course having fun with it.
So one day, contemplating life and my left earlobe, I was at a pub, Murphy’s Irish Pub, if you must kNow.   Drinking with great sophistication, I imagined myself being The Arrogant Bastard. ” The Lord High Arrogant”, travelling to fine drinking establishments and not so fine hole in the wall dives, preaching the Gospel of Ale Arrogance.  I even came up with:

The Holy TRIFECTA of Ale

And the Spiritual Path of the Trifecta in the NOW

Being Arrogant enough to bring Ruination to the ego and Manifesting Sublime Righteousness in the “I AM”