You Are what’s up with this site!

No really!     🙂     This site is about You and your “I AM”

and a little bit me kinda thinkin, Maybe I can help you kNOW that

You are

Your “I AM”
and that
Your I AM… is your WAY
Your I AM… is Your TRUTH
Your I AM… is Your LIGHT

The website is also no where near done, but then neither are you and me.  I’ve got so much learning about and building websites to do it’s crazy.  ?    But I’m gettin over that so don’t waste any time or energy feelin sorry for me. ??

What follows is part of my process for putting my wisdom out here for you to use.  It’s an example of stuff, form, style you’ll see elsewhere on the site and its me showing you me.   It’s my life lessons, wisdom I got and I Am still getting from my mentors.  It’s also life smackin me up side the head goin…dude…DUDE…WTF?

My goal in sharing is that you find ways to use this stuff to make your life work for you and make at least a few less mistakes along the way.    I’m really hopin you learn so much from my goofy-ass mistakes and the resulting lessons, that you make a whole new set of mistakes because your learning has propelled you way past the limitations that I’m dealing with.   Stuff I can’t even dream of.

Note to self:  Add a vid here about mistakes and how good it is make them.  ????

Here’s me dealing with some of my limitations.

So.. this morning I woke up, got up and realizing I had to work on my website..this website, I promptly started to dilly-daddle around, procrastinating my ass off.  There was stuff I needed to do that I had no flippin idea how to do.   I was scared to start failing this early in the morning… don’t really kNOW why I still freak out… cuz my life is full of this kinda scenario.


BUTTTTTTTT -this was me this morning when I finally opened up my Go Daddy account
-it was a WTF moment
I was thinkin, there’s the way right in front of me, can’t see to the end but…
-so i opened up my word press for dummys book figurin I’d get smart or somethin


pretty much was lost with not a f*&$in clue how to use the info.  NOW, I get really frustrated when i feel too dumb to use a book for dummys, I mean WTF, no really…W>T>F.  🙁 🙁 🙁


I knew if I stayed with it and allowed answers to come by working through, walking through the frustration of my
Word Press ultra-dumminess…

I See a Path, My Path! Do You See Yours?

This is what I’d find.

I’d see a Path, My Path
So I asked my friend Danny for a Clue, he gave me two and off I flew.

While exploring, tryin to find a simple way to make this not look so nakid, I found a generic stock photo library with these pics and shit started to clik.  My experience of trying to get to a point where I could tell you what this site is about gave me a Way to tell you that I wasn’t aware was there.
My I AM.. Was once again…  MY Way…my way through My shit.

NOW it’s – WTF, this is pretty amazing.  I was not expecting this to happen, especially in this way.
But in reality, I should be expecting my shit to happen this way, cuz it always does… if I just LET it.

The description below, is something I did a couple years back as I got rolling with this project. It took a long time to make happen because I was afraid of failing, looking bad.  It was part of about 75 pages of writing I did that really needed, needs a lot of work.  I originally launched this site with that 75 pages of imperfection that was perfect enough at that moment.

I made a shift to do that, a shift towards the Gratitude Attitude and in that started to really dis-cover the idea that perfection is a progression, a continuum and may never have an actual destination.
and that was flipping Cool as Shit.

While ‘YOU’ should be;

another note to self:  Do a Vid about how what some will view as Arrogant can and is a very good thang.

I AM in No way Arrogant enough to believe I know what you and your life is suppose to be.

  • And so this site is just not about that kinda crazy talk.
  • It is most definitely NOT about me, as in me promoting me. None of that crazy talk either!
  • This site is not about anyone telling you what to do with your life.
  • It is not about anything outside of you.
  • It’s not about glitz and glamour and promises of fame and fortune.
  • It’s not about big, fat or sensitive egos, self-centeredness or narcissism.  Yours or mine.
  • It’s not about drama. And no don’t save your drama for your Mama, she don’t need it either.
  • It’s not about claiming to have a formula that’ll make you better than anyone else or make you anything at all.   I nor any one else can do that.
  • I AM NOT trying to be a motivational speaker or guru.
  • I do NOT have THE answer.  (I do have some answers and some clues.)
  • I do NOT have The LAST answer. (I might however, have the next answer or clue you need to keep your stuff movin.)
  • I AM NOT trying to be anyone’s savior or hero.   Just being me, my I AM and sharing a few things I have learned that just might help you with your “I AM”.
  • While I may be Sick,
  • I am not the shit, at least not all of it.  🙂


Attitude Engineering

The Art of Engineering Your Life with Gratitude
I Am, I Get To, I Can
You Are, You Get To, You Can
You ARE someone ALL of us CAN be Grateful For
So why NOT… be Grateful and LIVE? Today! 🙂

A Paradigm Shift

MO – Modus Operandi. Our MO is our Paradigm, how we generally see things and do things.   A generally negative MO is a debilitating obstacle.   “The way we see the problem IS the problem.” – Stephen R. Covey*

For the purposes at hand, I Am taking this another step or two deeper. Covey makes a very good point and it is a very good place to start in getting clarity on how important paradigm is.  Our individual and collective MOs generally see life as a series of PROBLEMS to be solved. We equate success with solving those Problems. We therefore look for formulas to solve the problems and we look for someone, some AUTHORITY to give us the RIGHT data to plug into those formulas in order to get the results some Authority tells us we should achieve to be successful. And we are sold, constantly, on the sexiness, the glamour, the sickness, the coolness, the swag of all these results. We BECOME our problems, the formulas, the solutions and the results of our efforts to fit the molds we are sold. Significant issues arise from this generally negative focus.   It’s all just that, a generally negative focus! Rarely does it all or even most if it, have anything to do with who we really are! We can’t actually communicate authentically because we are NOT generally being ourselves… we are being what we are in contact with, which is permeated with negativity, often very subtle, but negativity nonetheless.   This negativity and our identifying with it as us, is a firewall between US and Our Conscious ability to perceive us, to manifest us and it deprives us of one our deepest, most powerful Abilities, The Ability to Respond.

Attitude Engineering (AE):   AE IS Creating a paradigm shift away from ANY negativity & towards Positive energy flow, putting into practice basic, fundamental wisdom. Creating Effective Habits, Practicing Everyday Enlightenment, Living by proven Life Laws, Planning and Implementing Strategies that WORK and doing ALL this in the NOW.   And Yea, it’s completely DO-ABLE!!! 🙂

The Paradigm Shift: Moving from an “I have to” 🙁 to an “I GET to” 🙂 Attitude, from an “I Can’t” 🙁 to an “I CAN and I WILL” 🙂 Attitude. A shift from a focus of resentment, anger or frustration, a defeatist mentality or any other negativity such as fear or worry, to a focus of Gratitude…Gratitude for everything that is and everything that happens. A shift from a mind set of judging everything as necessarily Good or Bad to a mind set of “no judgment”. Most if not all things, events, circumstances and people including you, are neither good nor bad innately, they just ARE and you GET to choose how you will Respond to each and every one of these. (Response-ability)

We don’t have problems, we have challenges that give us opportunities for creative Responses.

NOW, I AM NOT talking a mental thing here, a particular thought or series of thoughts as in PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), which Covey* (7 Habits) covers.   I AM talking a WHOLE BEING kind of thing, a KNOWING that Tolle* speaks about in The Power of NOW. It’s not something you can achieve by thinking your way into it.   (Positive)Thinking will be part of the process but thinking will NOT create the shift. The shift is the act(s) of BECOMING YOU…Your ‘I AM’!

The Core of Attitude Engineering is The ‘I AM’ Project, which is designed to help you, 1st create the shift, then maintain the shift for a LIFE-time and at some point, spread it around.

Core Elements of The ‘I AM’ Project – The Gratitude Attitude

“I AM” – Right here, Right NOW

Be in the NOW, Just do it Right here, Right Now…There’s No Other TIME to DO anything! 🙂

Dis-covery   –   Un-covering what’s already there.

Response-Ability   –  The Ability to Respond…the way YOU choose to respond.

Re-Member-ing    –   Putting things, ideas back together

Re-Creation and Re-Creating – Do I hafta esplain this, Lucy!?

AT-1ment (@1ment™ ) It’s not actually atonement, it’s at-one-ment!

Brutal honesty and the fearless inventory – generally speaking…Not doing this nets you hell!  🙁 Sorry!


The simple math of the Master Attitude Engineer

* A Bad attitude = shitty day, shitty results. Shitty = Negative = Shitty   Sorry 🙂
* Gratitude = Great Attitude
* No Change = No Change DUH!!!?
* X/0 = ∞ All things come from NO-thing[0]. {Let No-thing divide You (1) and everything happens!}

* Focus on what DOESN’T seem to be there! Cuz as Mercedes says…things are not always as they
* Manifesting the Un-Manifested
* If you think only about what you don’t want, what doesn’t work, that’s exactly what you Will keep
* Focus on the NO-thing with the Gratitude Attitude, then be Amazed at what happens and have fun
with it!



Shifting to the Gratitude Attitude:

In a nut shell… EVERYTHING happens for a reason and there are 2 fundamental, common denominators in all things: One is the LESSON YOU have given yourself an OPPORTUNITY to learn.

The other common denominator in all events, scenarios, circumstances etc, is…… yep… it’s YOU! 🙂

So this is all about YOU and YOUR Attitude about YOU!

The Gratitude Attitude is the absolute KNOWING that whatever needs to be, Can Be and WILL be, if YOU allow it to be and there is always something worthwhile that Can come from any circumstance!

Again, this is all about YOU and YOUR Attitude about YOU.

It’s the KNOWING that there is always enough. The KNOWING that I CAN always and in all ways, BE ME, I do NOT ever HAVE TO BE anything but ME and BEING ME in ANY and EVERY circumstance WILL ALWAYS produce exactly the results required for ME to remain on MY path, MY course and LIVE MY life completely as I have designed it @ the very beginning of MY existence.   Therefore, every moment, every event has something useful and is worthy of MY [YOUR] Gratitude.   I can also CHOOSE NOT to be ME!   But NO one can force me to not be me.  (Even if someone were to take my physical life, they still haven’t taken me!)

NOW Stop and CHILL! Why wouldn’t you shift? No… don’t go any further…answer that question completely!

Then Consider the following:
* You can NOT not choose.
* You can NOT not behave.
* You can NOT not decide.
* You can NOT not communicate.

Everything in your life is a direct or indirect result of YOUR behavior.
Every choice, decision, behavior has results, consequences.   These results WILL generate another choice, decision, behavior and so on, ad infinitum!  No Value judgment on you as a person, only on the behavior.

You Can CHOOSE not to change or make the shift, THAT IS YOUR CHOICE! J SWEET huh? 🙂

                  But YOU ARE gonna make the shift!!! RIGHT? Yes you ARE!!!   CUZ You really wanna make sure your life works for you!!!!   RIGHT? Come on, you know you do!   You and You’re Dreams are worth the trouble, the time, the effort! Chances are you have not been exposed to most of this wisdom and these ideas and especially in this way! People and institutions who should have exposed you to it, did not and so you probably need the shift. And I reiterate, no value judgment on You or other people, only on behavior. We ARE NOT going down the negativity road here with a blame game routine, but we are gonna screw behavior that’s negative and doesn’t work, for you or anyone else.