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At the Heart of It...
There's Really nothing more to say

No Explanation

No Approval

No Reason.. Needed

Are you feeling something similar to this from too many directions in your life?

Family? Friends? Church? School? Media?

All this pressure to be this or that can just plain suck, and not in a good way.

Here’s some good news.  I put this PIC up while in a very smart ASS, sarcastic frame of mind, which, these days, I’m in quite a bit.  It’s great BTW and it’s one of my most effective talents in deflecting overbearing attempts by forces outside of me that want to mold me into something I AM not.  NOW, being a sarcastic, smart-ass may not be Your best tool, but You DO have a tool or talent that Will work for you.  You might have more than one.  Plus, if you choose to look deep enough, there is something YOU can use for your life 4 every bit of pressure you’re getting.  There is a power, a force that works 31/7 (aka: OT –>Overtime) in favor of your I AM. Here’s a cool, sick factoid about this:  YOU, yep You get to tap into it 24/7 just by Being You, Being Your I AM.   AND              the more you become you, the more your talents start showing up.  t’s a Vicious  🙂 , never ending upward spiral to whatever your Nirvana IS.   Sweet huh?

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